How NOT To Screw Up A First Date How NOT To Screw Up A First Date How NOT To Screw Up A First Date

Screw up a first date
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Guys tend to screw up first dates almost every time because they take them way to seriously.

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 Get a second date
Women just want to get to know you at the beginning of the relationship, the more comfortable and conversational the first date is the more likely you will get a second date. Awkward hesitant and nervous first dates rarely lead to deeper connections. Guys jump in and already think of the first date as a potential one night stand or girlfriend opportunity, which defiantly screws things up in the eyes of the women.

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 Be a potential wife
You want an element of chemistry on the first date but let it develop naturally rather than pushing the boundary of the girl who is just testing the waters.

She may be a potential wife in your eyes but you have a long way to go to build her trust…

Just imagine a first date where the hot women feels uncomfortable because the man in shaking with nervousness. Do NOT do this (obviously).

The best way to hold back these feelings of freaking out at the sight of this amazing women is to understand that there are things about her that are not so great and “she might not be that good for you” SHE might screw up the chances of going out with YOU.

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 The confidence
Turn the tables in your mind of you trying to chase her to HER trying to CHASE YOU.

It’s a tough shift in your head but vital to gain the confidence and swagger required to pull the women of your dreams.

The chances are very good that you will not like parts of her personality. This is just nature, so rather than idolising her and putting her on a pedestal in your mind bring her back down to reality so you can have a chance to chat person to person.

IF you spend at least 20 minutes of regular normal conversation…

Just enjoying yourself being a bit funny or even cocky and showing her that your not worried about the outcome of the date you will have a MUCH greater chance of a second date.

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Rather than acting like she will be your potential wife and drooling over her body act slightly arrogant and nonchalant about the experience. This may sound like a big risk but the bigger risk is acting weak nervous or timid.

If you feel like you can act normal and conversation around women then you are at the point where you can be yourself around women and not feel threatened.

Go do yourself a favor and download yourself a free trial of the online eBook “Double Your Dating”, and read it.

It contains literally DOZENS and dozens of great techniques for you to use that will make women feel ATTRACTION for you.

(By the way, on page 96 of my eBook I share another KILLER tip about how to impress a woman, without trying to.

This one tip corrects a deadly mistake almost EVERY man makes with women – you’ll see what I mean…)

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